About us?

We are a 100% Mexican consultancy whose commitment is excellence in the provision of professional services within the public and private sector at a national and international level.

Our experience leads us to offer a personalized and comprehensive service that is satisfactory for each client, under the principles of effectiveness, quality and excellence.


Provide assistance with highly trained professionals in different areas and specialized topics according to the needs and characteristics of our clients. Being committed to implementing solutions with processes supported by public, private and international policies.

"Our purpose is to help achieve the personal, professional, social and business success of each of our clients."


We seek to empower ourselves as the best alternative, collaborating with institutions in the public, private and international spheres with a social focus and thus understanding an increasingly globalized world, constantly improving ourselves in the services provided, achieving strategic alliances that strengthen the service to our clients. , exceeding expectations through quality processes and offering timely solutions.

“To be the leading Mexican consultancy in the country, offering the tools to meet the needs of each of our clients.”


The Enríquez, Stacpoole y Asociados SC Consultancy is forged from the teamwork of our collaborators with the daily commitment to guide our clients in making decisions, based on the principles of: humility, loyalty, honesty, transparency, confidentiality and ethics; creating important links in their internal relationships with the responsibility of having a positive impact on society.

“Loyalty is one of our definitions, because each of our clients is invaluable”